My name is James Taylor. 

I’ve been talking to members of our community in these trying times and they’re ready for a change. Because of outdated perspectives and politicians’ unkept promises, our neighbors here in Wilmington and across the state are feeling the effects of national problems such as runaway inflation, COVID-19, and gun violence more keenly than Americans living almost anywhere else in the country. Still, despite their apparent struggles and consistent attempts at engaging our elected representatives, constituents have been ignored. Our families, friends, and neighbors deserve better, and that’s why I’m running to represent us in the State House of Representatives.  

I have been committed to youth development for over a decade and I still believe that every child, regardless of their background or their family’s economic circumstances, deserves every opportunity and resource that is required for them to realize their potential. My story wouldn’t have been possible without the robust investment in education and youth services that Delaware made when I was growing up in Wilmington in the 1990s. We must ensure that today’s youth have the tools and support necessary to write even better stories. 

If we want to help the most vulnerable members of our community successfully navigate the unprecedented challenges that we’re all facing today, then we must rethink our approach to economic development. We can no longer afford to continue allowing special interest groups to take advantage of and otherwise mistreat our community members because of their purported economic value. I have studied economics, public policy, and political science with the world’s foremost scholars and practitioners at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and we all agree that it is both necessary and possible — if we work together — to implement an economic approach that prioritizes the well being of families. 

If you believe that it’s time to bring responsive leadership, investment in our youth, and people-first economics back to our district, then please vote for me on September 13th, 2022. 

— James 

James Taylor is a Democrat running for State House of Representatives in the 2nd district, which covers the Eastside, Northeast Boulevard, Midtown Brandywine, Lower Market, the Riverfront, and Ashley Heights. 

To get involved, volunteer or contact James send us a message at CampaignManager@JamesforDelaware.com!